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Default Re: Which modern valve kit and valve guides?

Originally Posted by alexiskai View Post
Somebody on here a couple months ago was recommending the Snyder's-type guides with the shoulders, because I think he was saying if you don't use the shoulder type then the spring is a different length than stock, and you have to account for that. Can't find the thread.
Originally Posted by kenparker View Post
The difference in spring length as mentioned is one issue. The other is... The tube type (Brattons) have to be pressed in with time, patience, a press or a hammer and brass driver to protect the guide from flarring. Snyders are press in with yur fingers or thumb - just likek original guides.

I have used both. ken

Thanks guys. I forgot to say that I was thinking of using CW Moss valve springs which are longer in length to standard and have a slightly thicker coil wire. Using these springs which guides are better? I guess I should also ask if these springs suitable for these modern valve kits?

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