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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Originally Posted by Bulligen View Post
I have ookbeen an old car nut always and have always noticed the old hulks hiding in the weeds and barn when no one with ever sees a thing. 40 Years ago when I was around 20, I found a farmers scrap yard in northern Wisconsin. It was along a fence line in a low area that looks like it would collect water. Everyone in the area would give him their stuff to get rid of. I walked back in there and mentally noted at least 20 restorable cars along with parts of another 10. They were mostly fords 20s, 30s, and 40s. When my son was around 20, we went back to the same area and it appeared to be all gone from the road. In reality the tree line had grown up all around it to almost completely cover the area. We walked back up in there and the treasure is still mostly there! There are two stock cars, a 41 ford coupe and a 39 ford Coupe both with the steel cages and roll bars and still having there flathead V8 intact. They both have advertising on them and the pit crews and drivers name painted on with a brush! Cant find anyone that lives within 5 miles of the spot that admits they owns this stash !! !!!

yes, antique cars just deteriorating away. It's not uncommon. I know a farmer with 5 vehicles that have now deteriorated beyond economical rebuild. He won't sell. I know of a single cylinder Lance Bulldog tractor likewise just deteriorating in the paddock. The owner won't sell. That is their prerogative and would be okay if they would have put them under cover for prosperity.
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