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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Educating Gary.

I grew up in New Zealand and thus was schooled there. It was adventure and seeking a flying job that bought me to Australia. I was 19.
An intermediate national school exam in New Zealand was called “school certificate”. One needed a score of 200 or more and 30 or more for the compulsory subject - English. Well I scored very well overall but didn’t get a pass because my English make was a lowly 28. The English exam starts with an essay worth 20 marks.
It was necessary for me to repeat year 12 whilst my buddies with a lower score moved up a class. I resat school certificate the next year, 1965. I got a much better score. The 20 mark essay gave a choice and one being “aerial topdressing in NewZealand”. Didn’t that play into my hands. Even with a pass it gave me no job or work privileges or priorities. Formal education can sometimes be a waste of time and resources for some and that includes Gary. When I look at some university graduates it supports my thoughts. Am I Robinson Crusoe in my thinking?

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