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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

My Brush with Drug Induced Stupid People.

I was speaking with an elderly- live alone woman in Brisbane recently when a scantily dressed male about late 30’s walked through her yard and speaking on his mobile. I asked him to scat and was abused with stupid, and incoherent speech in responce. Offensive to me and degrading to him. Most words started with F or C.
At Murray Bridge in South Australia I had an object thrown at my car by a male of about the same age. I stopped to challenge him and likewise was abused and for being rich and owning a car. Next time, I was told, it would be my car he steals. Again the bloke spoke very incoherently and was filled with hatred and resentment because I was white.He was predominantly white. I had a bottle of chocolate milk thrown over me.The incoherent speech and abuse continued and again most words started with F and C.
I wanted to belt his face in but decided against it only because it would inconvenience me with police interviews plus I figured I could well get my car doors kicked in. My wife Patsy pointed out that when one is drugged one does not feel pain such as a fist in the face plus under drugs they sometimes have super human strength. That made me pleased I accepted the humiliation and drove on.
In some ways I felt sorry for these two individuals for they would probably get little reward for their lives which would be wasted.
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