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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

A Great Meet.

The 25th biannual meeting of the National Model A association at Murray Bridge S.A.. The shire major spoke at the registration dinner and promoted his shire and it’s industries well. In particular agriculture which pleased me. He said he was rebuilding a G.M.Holden and maybe that didn’t go down so well amongst Ford enthusiasts.
I took 2 Model A’s. My Tourer and Ute. My team mates wanted to enter the ute in for judging and I agreed even though it had some post manufacture changes such as an alternator. I am told it met with enthusiasm by the judges until they put their heads under the front end and found I had removed the post manufactured shocks. They were new gas filled but were too sharp and uncomfortable to ride in. Woofa. Express was immediately disqualified however this did not offend me at all.
I have included a shot of the name painted on the engine cowl. The “barn” must have many readers here in Australia for many came to me or my crew and enquired if I was Gary. It is only the barn where I write and under the name as you well know, Woofa.Express.
I had lifted one side of the engine cowl showing dust sticking to the oil residue and rustmarks from a previous radiator. Everything created interest. Had a photo of the“late” Woofa on the radiator plus I played period music such as “get out and get under”, “Henry made a lady out of Lizzy”. I intend to get period dress for the next meet. It was a great meet and all of this plus writing in the barn has done my ego well.
I had driven some 420 miles to the event, 3 I know drove 1800 miles and quite a few morethan 1,000. These are not kilometres, they’re miles. Some brilliant vehicles, even better than when they were manufactured. I guess this is the same for many events.
Weather gave a 5 out of 6, excellent since we are in spring when we get cold fronts coupled with wind. I’d like to say rain too because we are in severe drought.
I commend and thank the conveners and organisers of this event. Organising such an event is time consuming and tiring. Not easy. The fairies don’t come at night and do this work.
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