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Default Re: Replacing generator field windings

I ended up using my wire welder on a couple generators I'm rebuilding. I welded along the slot in the screw and built it up above the screw along the slot high enough to grab with a pair of vice grips and turn them out. The heat, plus the leverage gained from grabbing the built up weld bead made breaking the screws loose much easier. Then I replaced the screws.

Of the two generators I'm working on - I assembled one with good original parts. It motors beautifully but I have not yet tested it on a car. The other I have a new armature and field coils for and I can't seem to get the pole shoes tight enough not to interfere with the armature. Even tightening the pole shoes with bolts wont seem to cut it. I may have to take it to a generator shop to see if they have any better method of tightening the pole shoes and forming the field coils around the shoes and contouring to the inside of the generator case.
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