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Default Re: '40 - do you add brake fluid ??

Originally Posted by fordman View Post
I bought the floormat from bob drake thinking it was all they had. seems I had asked about a carpet. It has jute and is not glued down.

thank you,

Not certain if authenticity is your goal within your project. I had assumed it was from your initial post as "restoration" specifically implies you are bringing the car back to authentic / original status.

One must be very careful when choosing parts from a catalog. Remember guys like Drake(example) are salesmen first and foremost. They promote parts in order to sell more of them with little and often no eye on accuracy of description. and / or application correctness.
A perfect example of that is the radiator hoses sold with part number and Ford script for your '40. Never happened in 1940. Many guys show up on the concourse fully expecting those hoses are correct only to learn a deduction is properly taken.

All too often I hear "Drake's (example) catalog says they are correct". Unfortunately a little more research could have avoided that deduction.
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