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Default Re: Is There An Electrician In The House?

1931 flamingo Ė I respect your opinion and believe me I considered doing just that. My reluctance came about when I read of instances where Model Aís went up in smoke due to loose wiring connections etc. So my thought was, right or wrong, an alternator, or some other device, would put a band aide on a serious underlying problem. Iíll be the first to admit Iíve carried this thread on much too long. But on a positive note (I think), there are over 4000 hits on this thread. Hopefully someone has gained some knowledge from the expert advice (not mine) Iíve received or at least had a few laughs at my expense.
Gezz, if I could have charged 10 bucks a head admission, Iíd be one happy camper.
Well there I go again, rambling on. Iím outta here.
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