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Default Re: One of those annoying questions...

Originally Posted by Bored&Stroked View Post
Car: 32 Cabriolet, full fendered - 25T LZ gears, 39 Box - late style main shaft, gears, synchro, etc..

My problem is compounded due to me running 25T LZ gears in the tranny - which are not the best combination to have with a 3.54 rear. Truth be told the higher ratios of the LZ gearset do noting for performance . . . never did, never will.

BUT - the LZ cluster is the strongest of the 39 box gearsets - though I've managed to hurt them as well. It made me almost cry to see teeth shaved off of my prior 25T cluster (was a NOS gear) . . . but so be it.

Keep in mind that my engine is far from stock and I drive it hard at times. I think the dyno at Bob Ida's was the death of the last cluster. LOL

I spend a lot of time tuning my 39 gear boxes to be the best they can be - with the best parts, tight clearances, correct cluster shafts, etc.. I can't make them any better - but I also can't make them any stronger. They are what they are . . .

FWIW: I installed a '39 3 spd with LZ gears, 3:54 rear and tall tires and did not like it either. Sold it and installed a S10 T5 (with the low 1st gear) and love it.
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