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Default Re: F150 tranny with overdrive

Originally Posted by whitetm View Post
What machine work did you have to do to make this work for you?
No machine required with the kit I purchased. Complete bolt in.

Originally Posted by duke36 View Post
Few other items we found, hopefully covered in prior posts:
1) Tranny is heavier than stock model A;
2) Plate can be made to support tranny on cross member with Float a motors;
3) Some frame spreaders may not clear the F150 tranny when using stock A motor mounts if/when installing engine with tranny already in car;
4) Brake/clutch shaft may need special bracket to support shaft end and to accommodate stock A pedals;
5) Speedo may need calibration , etc.
1) True
2) Comes with kit
3) With a little creative ingenuity, works ok
4) Comes with kit
5) Speedometer gear is aft of transmission, will give you the same reading in or out of OD. No need to re-calibrate.
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