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Default Re: Is There An Electrician In The House?

Originally Posted by joeypoconos View Post
Tom - I'll enter this one into the here we go again category.
I have three spare generators, when terri from jackson was here helping me trouble shoot he motor tested all three, Only one spun, albeit very slowly, but it did spin. I took it apart and found one brush wired to ground. Second brush wired to the armature terminal. Third brush connected to one of the field windings via a wire. There is a wire from the other field winding that is grounded EXTERNALLY to one of the generator mounting bracket bolts. Seems kinda odd, is this correct?
The later Model B generator had 2 wires coming through a rubber grommet, rather than a brass terminal. One is the field ground wire and it is grounded under one of the cutout mounting screws. The other wire is the output wire and is connected to the armature. The adjustable brush must be connected to the field wire.

I've seen a few generator shops mix up the output and field wires, and the result was a fried generator.
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