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Default Re: Is There An Electrician In The House?

Originally Posted by 1931 flamingo View Post
At about pg 2 I would have put a 6V alt on it and been done. JMO
Paul in CT
No, No, No, alternators just look so wrong on any antique car.

I'm not sure at what page the generator was found to be the problem, but I thought it showed output until the shop guy looked at it and motored it on 12 volts. This shouldn't have damaged it if done only for a few seconds. Generators are easy to take apart and check, so that's what I'd do at this point. The field windings should draw 3 or 4 amps on 6 volts and you'll need to use a growler to test the armature. Inspect the armature for thrown solder or bare wires.
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