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Default Re: Is There An Electrician In The House?

Tom - If Iím understanding you correctly, the generator is no longer providing output at the armature side of the cutout as proven by the zero voltage reading. Prior to Saturday, I was getting consistent readings at the armature post of anywhere from 8 to 10 volts, obviously produced by the generator. After Saturday, the voltage dropped to 6.3, that can be explained by the generator going away leaving the battery (6.3 volts) as the only source of power. Okay, finally itís starting to come together. So now it appears something on Saturday, the motor test??, caused the generator to go belly up.

Bob C/Mitch Ė The amp gauge is only showing negative amps when the lights are turned on. Iíve moved the third brush from one end of its travel to the opposite end with stops in between. I checked the amp gauge at all stops and only witnessed a very small movement, if any, to the positive side. This is in deference to the +4 to +10 amp readings I received earlier on in this saga.

Should the next step be to have the generator gone through??
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