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Default Re: EAB Heads & their Piston Reliefs - Is this right?

I had to have one of the heads on my last build angle milled to make up for a bad previous decking the block had received. After a lot of measuring and checking, I determined that, although the deck was flat, it was .030" lower in the back than the front. I finally found a machinist who understood my problem and was able to mill the head a compensating amount. Decking the block was not an option because the short block was already assembled and the notorious thinness of flathead decks. If there is any interest, here's a link to a thread about it : Beware, it is three pages long and there were some disagreements.

While this may not be the case in your particular situation, it did end up with me having a head milled more on one end than on the othere, so it CAN happen.
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