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Default Re: 1953 239 flat head

ANY GOOD 10/30 OIL IS FINE FOR YOUR ENGINE. Most people judge the type of oil to use is determined by the oil pressure on the gauge. However flow is more important and cooling the bearing is very important. The Ford oil pump is a positive displacement unit. It sends large volumes of oil to the bearings. Any resistance to the flow increases the pressure, to a point when it contributes to the temperature of the oil and resistance to flow. The ford engineers determined that 10 lbs of oil pressure was all that's needed to protect the bearings under normal operation, with a max of 30 lbs. The pressure release valve is set at aprox 50/60 lbs. To open the relief valve creates mor temperature in the oil. With all this said, most people would rather see their pressure gauge read 50 rather than 10. I's a feel good thing.
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