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Default Re: Begging to be a hot rod.

Originally Posted by DannL View Post
Sounds like a idea. Thowing good money after bad can become an addiction. I sense that 99.9 percent of the forum members agree. ;-) Did you have to cut out firewall to make her fit?
Hey Dannl,
Been there done that, i. e.- chev in A.
If you are a hot rod guy at heart...go for it.
However , IMO, an A is the car world champion....of simplicity ! If you cant figure out A problems, you will not enjoy the more complicated V8 in A rodding problems. However, if done CORRECTLY, that rodded A will, IMO, fit your need !
It will be less aggravating to buy a done A Rod. Less $ also, in lot of times. Go shopping. I believe you will find that this is truth.
Now if you’re set on your rodding path and no longer need your A, sell it or keep it...whatever.
FWIW, I am in market for an A with problems...cheaper, eh !!
I am going to see an A club member in few weeks. His A is a troubled car, in his statements.
So you have options. Options are good !
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