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Default Re: 29 Roadster ignition woes

Thank you pilot Dave . Yes I understand I am looking for a 1/4" blue spark , that is why I mentioned that it was only white. Before I had zero spark at the coil wire ,so there is improvement . I have a new condenser and I'll try that first, before buying a new coil. The new condenser ,( from Snyder's) is about 1/4 inch too long so I will need to buy a new longer screw and stick a conducting spacer where it grounds to the Dist. body. I told Snyder's about this problem and they responded that all I need to do is bend the lower plate contact tab in a z shape to accommodate the longer length . But there is not enough tab to do it ...But I can make it work ...I'll be going to town tomorrow afternoon so I'll get back here with my result , probably on Wednesday. Thank you for your input .
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