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Default Re: 29 Roadster ignition woes

Ok progress made, I cleaned all the carbon deposits off the coil head , rechecked all wires and tightened all connections, and now have white spark at the points, and now with only .01-.03 volts at points and ignition pole of the coil when points are closed ,an improvement over .3 volts. The coil wire to head nut test will not spark at 1\4 inch it has to be nearly touching the nut and it's not a blue spark ,but white like at the points . No spark seen at the plugs . Tried Tom's condenser to ground check ,no improvement . Distributor is well grounded. I'm positive the wiring is correct ...Doesn't seem like it's in the wiring. Since the coil to head nut test fails, could it be a bad coil ? They don't have a reputation of failures ..How do I test the coil ? What next? I know I'm going to get there ...With your help I have to .I checked the continuity on the coil to the rotor and all seems good there. It was running fine before with the current rotor ,cap ,body etc. Thanks Jeremy
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