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Default Re: King pin felt washer orientation

Like a lot of things on the reproduction market these days, there is room to find problems with just about any part you get. Some of the felt cups have too tall a rim for the felt and some felts are a bit too thick to easily fit between the spindle lower support and axle. The felt has to be against the lower face of the axle with the retainer cup holding it in that position from below.

The bushing protrusion is a new one on me but then my model A has different spindles so I've not run into that one. If it stands proud on the upper surface then it could create problems with the fit of the felt dust washer & retainer. The cut away diagrams I have in the "The Ford Model A as Henry Built It" shows the bushing to be flush with both upper an lower surfaces of the lower king pin support. It may be able to protrude from the bottom as long as it doesn't interfere with the brake backing plate.
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