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Default Re: Cabriolet 68C Belt Rail Fit Up

What about the bolt up of the lower top iron pivots? I'm not sure why this adjustment is necessary or how it will affect other fits. It was designed to be in a specific place. To change that may make things difficult and have an odd look to it. If the wood is oversized then it should be adjusted to fit as intended. The fabric and welting isn't all that thick. There does have to be a taper to the rear edge of the tack rail to get a good fit to the slightly forward swept line of the rear section of the top and back light curtain. I've heard folks mention 4 degrees of slant forward off of vertical but I've not done a 68C. My experience is with the earlier Sport Coupe. The early Sport Coupe has the steel trim pieces that cover the bottom edge so no hidem welt is needed on the belt rail portion.
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