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Default 1931 Deluxe Coupe [on ebay]

I have not been on Fordbarn for a long while .Way to much going on and still going on. I want to bring to your attention about a 1931 late coupe on ebay. # 112050978436 . The seller states one of his cars in his collection [ ALL ABOUT 1 MONTH] BEST he has ever had in 40 + years. Compared to what he has owned YES. He is a buyer and seller. I know this car. It was my Godfathers since 1996. [WHEN IT WAS FINISHED] NOT 12 years ago as buyer stated. Bird in the Hand restoration finished the car and was sold for $16,000.00 .IT HAS A LOT OF REPRODUCTION PARTS on this car including all fenders , side aprons and running boards. Bumpers , clamps , hardware , hubcaps , valve stems , incorrect plating interior and so on.. I detailed the car as much as my Godfather was willing to spend. I was the one that turned his car around from all second place to first place awards [And timing was a factor] . If you know anyone bidding on this car just let them know its not what it seems to be as a award winning car... Will never do good in MARC , MAFCA and A.A.C.A. Grand Nation competition . Senior A.A.C.A. was a lucky shot.. thank you ..I did try to buy the car from my Godfathers kids [ they called me while the man selling the car now was in the driveway] they gave me no time to respond . I offered what the car is worth $15,000.00 before they decided to sell it. I believe he bought it for just over $16,000.00 and not more.
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