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Default Wanted: 29-31 Engine - non-running for restoration

City: Augusta
State: Georgia

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I currently have a '31 Cabriolet with an original motor in excellent condition. It has been that way since I got it over a decade ago, and as such I have had very little experience with an engine rebuild, and I am absolutely not going to upset the apple cart by attempting to poke around in my engine to learn about it.

So, I am searching for a '28-'31 ('31 preferred) engine with crank, pistons, and head and preferably oil pan and starter. Valves, springs, radiator, clutch, carb, aren't quite as important. A distributor and coil would be nice, but also aren't at the top of the list as I already have some spares.

If you have something close, please message me. The intent of this is to restore a shot motor to running condition for learning purposes and to eventually have a spare motor on hand. Please no cracked blocks or heads.

Thank you!
I was born in 1982 and in 1989 my father found the perfect '31 Cabriolet. In 1997 he finally bought it and it became our favorite thing to do together. While my friends were buying Playstations and XBoxs, I was saving up for a muffler. 9 years later, while their game systems were gathering dust, I was picking my wife up for our first date in that car. I drive it to this day and I hope to keep it up so my son can enjoy it just the same. That's the joy of a Model A!
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