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I learned a long time ago that loud, "open exhausts" don't actually make a vehicle run better.. In fact, the fuel mileage can actually be lower because the driver has his foot stuck in it all the time, so he can enjoy the "hay look at me" factor..
I forgot to make mention in my earlier posting that my manifolds are stock '36, log style. The 2" head and tail pipes were custom bent by a local muffler man..
My 59 AB engine is over bored .60, has a Weber F1 cam and 9.5/1 compression using 59AB heads that have been extensively modified.. Many years ago I had Offy heads on the engine, went they went to he** I had the stock type heads built for the engine..
As mentioned by other contributors to this thread, the smaller the exhaust pipes, the sharper the tone, i.e., a cracking, raspy pitch, in lieu of a deeper rumble..
During the last several years it has been found that the larger the exhaust pipe (s), the better the engine performs. I had 3" pipes put on my pickup with a chambered truck muffler, improved my fuel mileage by 3. mpg.. No offensive sound was created.. A friend of mine put 3" pipes on his pickup with no muffler.. His mileage went down.. When the truck went by my house it sounded terrible... He did gain the "look at me factor"... Spent $350. for nothing..
Bill.... 36 5 win cpe
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