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Ron, I have two 1940 Fords for sale for three months now. The market for now is very slow and has been most of the year. You maybe better off to just hold on to the car until next spring. I have tried the Ford Barn, Craig's List, Ebay, and the Hot Rod listings with no real response like I got in past years. One man showed up to look at one of my '40 Fords. He told me he would take the car for the asking price with one hitch to the deal. He wanted to give me a $1,500 deposit to hold the car until after the presidential election. If there was a change in the direction of this country he would return that week and buy the car for the asking price. If the country stayed the same he would give me the deposit and not take the car. I would not do that deal since that was in early September and I did not want to tie that car up for that long. This is what I'm running into in this present market.
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