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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Gary’s Working Life.

Writing of my Model A and work experiences has been well received in this forum and I've enjoyed it so now I will write a little of myself personally. Here goes.
My first ag job was spraying cotton on the Ord River irrigation area in West Australia in1968 That wasn’t a great success insofar as I didn’t do enough work and acquire a great deal of experience. I had a 4 year break and aerial mustered cattle in the Kimberly’s and Northern Territory using both fixed wing and helicopter.
Returned to ag work, spreading fertilizer in the New England area of NSW until the price of fertilizer doubled, yes doubled combined with the cattle price collapse of ’74. Then off to Queensland spraying locusts followed by normal seasonal work. I worked for a good company and had a variety of work from the south of the state to the far north. However Queensland is prone to drought so I took a short term job in Sudan which was a great experience living in a country with a different culture. However once was sufficient.
In ’78 and ’79 when we weren't busy in Queensland I took short term seasonal work in the Riverina of NSW sowing rice and the associated work of spraying the crop for insects and weeds. In ’80 I purchased the Riverina operator and based at Finley.
The flying was long days and long seasons but I always enjoyed that. The management and organisating was never relenting and it drove me nearly insane. In ’95 I sold to my competitor with whom I always had a good relationship. Flew with them until irritations developed between myself and the base manager. Figured it was time to go. Shifted residence10 miles south to Tocumwal. Did itinerant work, much in Malaysia and Borneo and fire bombing and some fish spotting. Still doing itinerant work, about to turn 71 and this will be my last year. Am about 100 hours short of 30K. Flew for 3 corporate companies, they didn’t like me and I wasn’t fussed about them.

I have enjoyed writing for this forum and it has made me realize that my working life has been diverse and even adventurous. Working with farmers has been gratifying. They are honest, hard working and talk my talk. Now I’m in love with another woman, an old lady, her photograph appears below. RHS.

I've had 2 accidents and 2 incidents resulting in damage to aeroplanes. Tomorrow I start writing of each, one a day.
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