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Default Re: I could not sit idle, have a new project

Too bad you were not here to help. You could have mowed our grass as well.
I spent the time checking for leaks at the gas tank, and along the 8ft of gas line and the shut off valve. We also adjusted the throttle linkage where it connects the dual carbs and where it goes thru the firewall, checked vacuum connections, and the starting position of the modified timing adjustment controls.

There was a small loop that had to be installed in the fuel line right at the exit of the gas tank, and we put in a measured amount of fuel and wanted to run it dry to be able to measure how much that loop consumed of the amount of gas.

At one time I had over 144,000 pounds of used Model A parts, but as of this morning, not one new spark plug in the joint.

How did you test the fuel delivery system in the speedster that you built?
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