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Default Re: I could not sit idle, have a new project

More small steps. I am enthused little more these days as I need to get this done and out of the way for the upcoming Redneck Roundup. Not likely to happen, but it is good motivation. I got the gas tank installed and set into place so that it fits the opening in the tail section, polished the top 'stripe', ran the gas line, installed the fuel shutoff switch and fabricated the battery hold down bracket. I made the GAV so that I can adjust the dual carbs individually, but they remain hard to do once the exhaust header gets hot. Got the seats detailed and mounted, battery compartment is complete with the exception of installing a non conductive base to the bottom of the cover. (aluminum floor pans).

The gas tank had previously been coated and it turned out very nice. Put about a quart of gas in the new tank (no leaks), checked fuel flow to both carbs and decided to start it up again for a more sustained test of the carburetors having reset the timing. I left the choke on too long and over flowed both carbs. Got it running, but fouled at least one plug, but kept it running to make as many carb settings as possible before it ran out of gas. The long tail pipe makes the 'popping' aggravating. At this point, I feel that I have detailed everything from the tail section to the firewall. The motor ran very cool throughout this test. A little more metal finishing, a change of sparkplugs and a better way of adjusting the idle while running and I will be on the home stretch on this project.
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