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Default Re: I could not sit idle, have a new project

Continuing small step - maybe someday this thing will be done. Retirement is not all that it's cracked up to be. At any rate a little more got done. No matter how hard I try, the Bugatti build and the interest in the new M1026 Humvee project is diluting the work on the speedster. Jim Hery was a big help on making the correct 'fit' at the hood and the cowl. We had a long discussion on how it should look. Jim won that discussion on how it should look, but I damn near had to break his arm to see it my way on how we were going to do it, LOL. I like how it turned out. Thanks Jim. Several months ago, I had to remake the hood as the character line did not match well at the rear. I have added the grab bar between the driver and passenger compartment and riveted the emblems at the side of the body. Cotton Eubanks was of great help when installing the strengthening surround at the headers. I began metal shaping the nose several months ago and was having trouble matching the contours of the grill with that of the nose because they shared a radius. Jim suggested temporarily attaching them together to do the finish work on the nose and it has been working well. Those bolts will be replaced with rivets.

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