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Default Re: Subframe / Sub Rail Question

The cars with steel sub-rails have similarities since they have the same toe board support structure and cowl up front for the most part. A study of the difference between a coupe body and a roadster will answer a lot of questions. The open roadster has the belt line down lower than a coupe and uses short doors both vertically and horizontally. This makes the rear quarter panel longer for the roadster than the coupe. Even though they use the same deck lid, a person will notice that the curvature of the rear quarter in different than the coupe due to the lower belt line.

The rear body rail is the same between the coupe and the roadster and some of the cross channels are the same but the seat riser had to tie into the body to give the quarter panels more vertical stability since there is no roof to support anything. All these things affect the sub-rail channels.
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