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Default Re: wrong front cross member

Originally Posted by Ronnie Lawson View Post
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The above was some research that I did on the front cross member mounting surfaces. I have a late 1929 Town Sedan.
Nice work! I do have a couple comments however. Any confusion or uncertainty as to which bolts were used for mounting the radiator is strictly due to the use of a post production parts book for reference. Beginning 1932 Ford transitioned to a new numbering system for "standard parts" (bolts, nuts, etc.). Only those items that remained unique to the Model A retained the old "A" part number. Those bolts, etc., that remained in use with the new models were renumbered.

The "flat" radiator mounts were used until late late 1928 when the front engine mount was changed.

It's also important to note that even the very first frames (first 200 cars) had front cross member rivets at the top of the frame as shown below.

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