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Default wrong front cross member

okay, i've had it.
i've dismantled what there is of this car for what now appears to be research. no development. i have a 1929 with some swapped parts
little by little i gain the courage to do something on it to progress and the setbacks keep me discouraged so i procrastinate.
i set things aside to clean up and reinstall. in time.
so it got to be time to reinstall this useable front cross member. usable in the sense that it held the front together under the weight of a non running motor for a long time. (a for what it's worth)
i do understand that there are differences .
beginning with the radiator mount holes being lower on a later model.

my install,
the three top holes seem to line up close. close enough to fit a few 5/16" grade 8 bolts in through each to secure it to the frame .
then i was able to get a bolt in the lower front flange.
but the rear flange hole is off by about a quarter inch.
next i was able to get the side bolted but only the "aft" hole lined up while the forward side hole in the frame allows me to view the front edge of the members side flange, nowhere close to the location i need.
i'm using bolts as they are available. and i do not peen rivets.
just trying to make headway.
my question is.
what is this going to do to the profile of the car and lining up of the radiator, grill shell, hood, hood sides and distance to the cowl ?
in time i anticipate obtaining a correct cross member but for now, i'd like to know if i shouldn't just stay away from the front of this project until that wish surfaces and for too many differences with what i've got.

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