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Default Re: 1929 Roadster Cowl Tank Removal

I have decided not to go with the evaporust option offered by Mitch (thank you Mitch) because of its cost of over 220 $ versus 84$ & tax for the 3 part treatment. The seal I will be using fixed a Ford 850 gas tank that actually had pin hole leaks permanently . So at this point I am almost ready to try to pull the tank out. all bolts clips and things mounted on it have been removed. The problem I face now is the dash arm which was attached to the tank but is now still possibly in the way. It is welded to the dash rail brackets on either side and it is riveted to the supports that the windshield arms are bolted to. These brackets are those that the dash rail is bolted to. The entire assembly is hard joined ..It appears that I may be able to slide the tank out without cutting the dash arm free. Does anyone know if this is possible ...I will try to attach photos when I get time ... Right now the tank is free and loose at all places except on the right and left sides near these dash rail brackets. I have been applying penetrating oil and will do so daily until it loosens up. This is how I have freed the rest of it after 86 years of being together.. Please. advise if you have done and open cab 28 or 29 ..The phaeton, roadster and other open convertible top models should be the same or close. thank you ...jeremy

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