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Default Re: 1929 Roadster Cowl Tank Removal

Thanks Mitch ..I have thought of just living with it and continuing my yearly flush out. I drain the gas and coolant out of if every year for the winter and I'm tired of dealing with the rust and rebuilding /cleaning carbs. so I am going for it .. I drain the coolant every year because the year I bought my 31 it froze and cracked the head ..Didn't check it for antifreeze and it didn't have any the spring I found all 4 cylinders rusted and frozen fast since the water ended up in them. Bummer.But what happened next testifies to the durability of the A engine .. I filled each cylinder with marvel mystery oil Inserted my hand crank and started pounding it around with a 10 pound sledge. the first day I moves the crank about 2 inches.. So I kept after it for months until one day I made it all the way around .. Kept after it until I could hand crank it slapped on a another head., timed it and it started up so fast I was amazed ... Good old model A's practically indestructible....
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