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Default 1929 Roadster Cowl Tank Removal

New guy here , I am so glad to have discovered this forum today. Have a 29 Roadster with a Model B engine in it . My Dad bought this car in 1963 (which is like buying a 1981 today) for 1200 bucks . After loaning Mom and Dad a ton of $ in the early 90's I ended up taking "Lizzy" in exchange for its appraised value at the time . This car was never really restored in the true sense of the word . Basically it had a B engine dropped in, a paint job with new top and upolstry. I love this car since its been part of my life for 52 years . Recently at a get together I was taking my First Cousin for a spin when she just stopped getting gas. The gas was getting to the carb but not out. This was the 2nd time this happened and fortunately it happened in my long driveway . Rust from the tank was the culprit even though i had flushed out the tank extremely well and I also have an in line filter . Yesterday I took off the carb (Zenith 2) and found the main Jet was plugged with rust and probably lacquer . in fact everything was very dirty , lots of rust. So I decided that I need to remove the tank and give it the same clean & seal treatment that my old Ford 850 Tractor got. I found a thread on this forum concerning a 29 Fordor tank removal and am hoping for some advice before I dig in to it. Interesting enough I have half a dozen Model A books on restoration and service bulletins etc. and not one of them details taking off the tank . Since it has probably never been off I want to proceed with caution and any tips from some of you pros out there would be welcomed ... Thanks Jeremy
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