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Default Re: 56 Victoria stock rear drums

Originally Posted by fiddy6 View Post
I've been trying to source rear drums for a 56 Victoria with a stock rear end. Now I know MACs sell some but they are quite pricey and people I know have had quality issues with them in the past. I'm also on the other side of the world that doesn't help the price point either.

I wondered if anyone knew of a interchange part.

They are an 11" x 2-1/4" drum as far as I can tell and the wagons for 56 are different. I have no idea if the 55's are exactly the same.

Did the 54 have similar drums? I know from 57 the rear end changed and with it the brakes too.

Would raybestos 2626r work?,drum,1744
No those are for a 10" drum they have been used on 1952-54 Fords. Your '56 had 11" X 1.75" brake shoes. You could use the 2626R if you switched to 1952-54 backing plates and shoes. I'm afraid Mac's has you over a barrel on those, those drums are also used on the popular 1957-59 Ford 9" rear ends they know how to make a profit.
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