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Default Re: Manners... A new rule...

It's nice to see that the ol 'Barn isn't a stepchild of Atomic Industies. I can only imagine the deep-rooted stress of managing what's essentially intellectual product/service.

That said there's an intangible (maybe) aspect of all this schtick. Anonymity. If you've never met the one you're talking to on a forum board you miss every real nuance of their personality. Their "schtick" if you will. FWIW by schtick I mean their platform of sorts, what they do, how they talk, sort of like a comic's general topics which is what a schtick really is.

Comedy aside, all of this is deeply personal to everyone here. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY on this forum truly needs anything it covers. It's a personal choice founded in nostalgia, upbringing, personal interests, or just how that one person chose to have FUN. FUN. Yes I said it twice and in caps cuz some of us older bucks are hard of hearing

Fun comes in many ways. "Dude, you're such a dick." if said with a grin and in a tone reflective of mutual fun it's more a compliment than anything else, said differently by someone unrelated, easy to be taken as, well, the slam it might be. In my many years sharing the boards of Atomic Industry (our fearless leader Ryan) I've always felt like they're just a milk crate and cup of coffee short of hanging around the shop. On that crate we might talk of everything from compression ratios to old girl friends and everything in between.

And in all reality it's that easy to enjoy the time we all spend here. No secret, I spend more time on the HAMB than here but I feel just shy of duty bound to drop in now and then. I've been helped and tried to help here as well as simply and quietly enjoy pictures and adventures of others. Nothing to prove, or indeed approve or disapprove of. I like this stuff, and no matter the venue us car folks are the finest human beings to walk the earth. You could be in FL, MI, UT, CA, PA, odds are if you were out on a limb and needed something a car guy or gal would jump to the rescue. That sentiment alone is worth a seasoning of respect and good ol human affection. And it's ok to be a bit of dick now and then, but not against your fellow 'barners, with them. Sorry to pontificate so much, and I'm glad some dialogue has been created about this.

Oh yeah, don't forget to have FUN...
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