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Default Re: 1941-48 Ford handbrake equalizer clevis rubber washer 11A-2091

Originally Posted by 51woodie View Post
This rubber thingy is shown on page 24 of the parts green book, and listed as P/N 11A-2091-A, Washer (hand brake equalizer clevis) - rubber. It goes on the brake cable before the adjusting clevis is screwed on. According to the '39 - 48 service manual, it look like it fits over the turn buckle, adjusted to the vertical position, and possibly acts a a bumper to stop the equalizer assembly from hitting the floor pan when the cable is slack and driving on a bumpy road? That is my best idea of its purpose, and I don't have one on my '46 Coupe either.
Thanks for the clarification, at least now I know . Whether or not I will fit it is yet to be decided.
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