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Default Finally some Cam Degree Numbers - Now what?

I'm back, and have no idea what I am supposed to make out of the numbers. Here they are. If you recall I have been reluctant to pull the heads, and it was suggested I degree the exhaust valve on number one.

Reconfirmed TDC and very repeatable.
The info I found on the 77B: Int and Exh durations 260* or 220* at .050"
Lobe separation 111*, lift .325* Lash .014".

I got: .050" open at 148*
Exhaust starts to open @ 120.5*
Exhaust starts to close @ 348.5*
Exhaust is closed at 9* ATDC
Exhaust Lash is .014"

Is this enough to get a feel for the cam location? What else need I do. Exhaust centerline?
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