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Default Re: 12v conversion 59a starter solenoid 4 pole. 46 Mercury.

Originally Posted by Phil Gillespie View Post
An update from suggestions and advice,

Pushing the original start button incar there is no click of soleniod comming in.

I then shorted on the solenoid the button terminal to ground: Solenoid clicked in.

With ignition switch off: power to starter connection on solenoid out to starter.
With ignition switch on: Power to starter connection on soleniod outt starter.
Power to starter connection button terminal.

Ignition switch on Voltage at terminals on solenoid:
1: Battery positive yes
2:Jumper connecton terminal as per drawing, yes
3;Starter switch Yes ???
4:Starter motor No.

The solenoid has at the battery input terminal a 2 wire connection from ?
The solenoid has at the starter switch terminal a single wire connection From starter button I would think.
Phil NZ
No solenoid click with button; clicks when grounding the button terminal on the solenoid. Sounds like a bad starter button on the dash, which is very common with the reproduction buttons. I just trashed my repo button and paid a stupid price for NOS button. The repo buttons can not be repaired as the tabs that hold the back on will break if spread to open and then bent back.
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