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Default Re: 12v conversion 59a starter solenoid 4 pole. 46 Mercury.

Originally Posted by JSeery View Post
If your starter engages when you short out the starter button terminal on the solenoid, then it should be the same thing when wired to the button on the dash. All the button is, is a connection to ground. It is the chrome button with a single connection on it correct? They can be an issue with not making a good ground connection to the hole it is installed in. I think Kube always adds an additional ground wire from the housing.
Yes As per drawing that all seems correct. So it should be removed cleaned up and add an addition ground wire.
before the engine rebuild it was still on 6v and this worked ok.
Will check clean up at start button etc and retry.
Got some time back a large colour coded and laminated wiring diagram from Classic Car Wiring in USA for 46.47 & 48 Mercury cars.These have been a great help to clearly see and follow.
Phil NZ
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