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Default Re: Looking for seller of Penrite steering box lube

Originally Posted by steve smith View Post
Not sure how many "0's" are involved but I have been using for years in my 6 ft rotary mower, my A's steering boxes and I mix 50% corn head with 50% stp for transmissions and diffs. They stock plenty at the local John Deere store. Comes in tubes like caulk, very easy to use. I think it was about 9 bucks a tube.
No "0"s are involved, because the standardized National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI) does not rate "home brewed mixes".

On a more serious note:
Only a few months ago, maybe late last year, the Deere Corn grease was not to be found anywhere. Prices went though the roof. I saw a single grease gun cartridge selling for over 40.00 on eBay (ePay). I'm not sure why the product just disappeared for several months, but who's to say it wont happen again. So stock up, or find alternatives.
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