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Default Re: Looking for seller of Penrite steering box lube

Originally Posted by Cape Codder View Post
I just read an article in the Model A News Tech Questions & Answers which talked about John Deere grease for "corn head" gear boxes. It was written that this grease is NGLI-0. What is the difference between the "corn Head" grease with the -0 and what is talked about above with the -00?
NLGI 0 grease will flow, but it requires a higher temperature to do so. People use the JD corn grease for the Model A u-joint.

NLGI 00 grease will flow (barely) at room temperature. This makes it a good fit for the steering box. You can use the 0 grease in the steering box also, but its hard to get it in there, and to know when its filled.
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