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Default Re: Low braking phenomena

I think my friend JB-OB is on to something here. Clearance of service brake crosshaft to U-joint housing might be compromised. Also, kudos for the 1000 + miles recently driven and complimentary grease job. The next question might be ............... what, if any, maintenance, repair, inspection of the complete brake system has been done recently. Give us some history. How long have you owned the car? What, (again) if anything has been done to the brake system in the car's recent history?

Next question ................What might be moving when you "pump the pedal" to alleviate the problem? Whatever is moving in that scenario is reversing some movement that has caused the lack of pedal movement to begin with. Find what moves when you pump the pedal and you'll find what caused it to jamb the pedal in the first place. This might take some keen investigating. Next time the pedal jambs, stop the car however you might without pumping the pedal, turn the motor off, remove the floorboards, get yourself down in a position where you can slowly pump the pedal by hand and watch any moving parts in the nearby proximity to determine when and what in the pumping process releases the "jamb". This may involve a trial and error multiple time approach and may need you to enlist a helper to "slowly" hand pump the pedal while you study each moveable part in the system. As JB says ........ "time to get out and under". Otherwise, think of the consequences if the next time you're going down the road and your "pumping the pedal" might not provide the desired "fix".

Good luck and keep putting those miles on. Bob Bader
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