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Default Low braking phenomena

28 phaeton, mechanical brakes, one piece not multi piece service brake cross bar, brake rods and linkages rebuilt/refurbished and well adjusted. They can lock up straight and true at speed if needed. 99.99% of the time all works as expected. Once in a great while, the brake pedal will only travel “so far” and only allow 50% braking. No matter how hard the pedal is pushed, the pedal does not seem to move any more and braking is not increased. It is not a brake fade situation as the pedal does not go to the floor, Kind of unnerving.

My first reaction was to “pump” the pedal and after the first release of the brakes all braking returned to normal. In the subsequent few instances of the phenomena, releasing and reapplying the pedal corrects the situation first time every time.

I have visually watched the movements of all the rods and linkages and do not see anything even close to binding or any restrictions. Similarity, I do not see anything binding or twisted when I remove the drums.

Your collective wisdom would be appreciated.
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