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Default Re: A phone number for Westcotts Auto in Oregon

Originally Posted by JR48 View Post
I'm a New Zealand member of the Ford Barn and would like to get hold of someone at Westcotts Auto in Oregon by phone. Does anyone have a regular phone number for them, as opposed to an 800 number, as I cannot access these numbers from here. I've also had some trouble emailing them. I'm after some top parts to finish off my 34 Cabriolet.

JR48 ..Here is a normal phone number, as well as the rest of their physical address. Also, Karl Wescott is one of our "regulars" here on the FordBarn. You can PM (private message) him directly by clicking on the link below. Fill-in a title, type a message, and "submit reply". It'll go directly to Karl's PM messages. Link for that below! DD

Wescott's Automotive
19701 SE Highway 212
Damascus, Oregon 97089

Phone: (503) 658-3183

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