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Default Re: Can't separate axle shaft from carrier

Originally Posted by john charlton View Post
The part I sent you had the correct part number on it so I assumed it was correct . My mistake I should have tried a ring gear on it before I went to the post office !!! So your good part is the same as the part I sent you I suppose . Just confirm you need the side which takes the ring gear and has male "pegs" I will mail you another one if that is the case no postage charge !!!

Hello John,

yes, the good part and your part are identical, apart from the part number.

Honestly, I wouldn't have thought to check the part before sending it out either, because how probable is it to get an altered carrier with the right number on it.
In Tom's article in the 2nd picture the right part is the correct one, with the 4 1/8 inch shoulder for the ring gear and the male pegs for centering.

I'll check your pics with my worn out part to make sure that it's the right part.
Can someone tell us if A and B used the same parts for the diff carrier?
Thanks and have a nice day,

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