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Default Re: steering ball replacement

Originally Posted by Vic in E-TN View Post
15 or 20 years ago I believe that was the normal way that the balls were replaced. I never had any trouble with them. Since then I have had Wylie Higgins in Georgia replace the worn out balls. He cuts off the old balls and drills out a hole. He inserts a new ball with a stud and back welds the stud at the bottom. I have had no trouble with these. He has written about them in the Restorer. I spoke to him a few months ago and he said that he has done over 5000 of them. He is alive and well and I had him do some for me a few weeks ago. His price is good.
I have two sets of steering knuckles repaired in this manner. I cut the flat ball off drilled the hole according to the directions chamfered the end of the stud took the knuckles with new parts installed and had them heliarced by a reputable welder. That was 2000 miles ago and no problems although I check all my undercarriage parts frequently. This has worked very well for me and my "A".
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