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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Circle work at Theodore.
Barry Foster is an ag pilot of comparable vintage to myself. Some years back he was operating out of Theodore in Queensland, spraying cotton. His airstrip was in a bit of scrub near town and that’s the strip where this incident occurred.
About sparrows in the morning Barry goes to work. He arrives at his strip and cranks the aeroplane. It takes time for engine to warm up so Barry climbs out to wait. However climbing out he inadvertently kicks open the throttle and she bursts into what’s nearly full power. Barry is blown over then the left side break lets go. Aeroplane is going around in circles. The kids do this in their motor cars and they call it “circle work”.
Barry has to close the throttle but his endeavours fail. He just can’t get to it. Around and around it goes. Wourh, wourh, wourh wourh she goes, around and around and around and around etc etc etc. The towns folk are awakened. The police arrive. The ambulance arrives. Town folk arrive. Every man and his dog was there. Quite a sensation and spectacle Barry has created.
Eventually Barry got control. It ran out of gas. One hour and twenty minutes after Barry hadcranked it.
Isn't it great there are still some oldies like me otherwise these good tales would be forgotten.
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