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Default Manners... A new rule...

I don't know where to start... So, lets start here. Read that thread in its entirety and note the seemingly endless list of people that feel as though they are being sniped or harassed by other users.

Ironically, some of the people complaining on that thread are the same people that are causing issues. Generally speaking, it's a huge mess... and I'm to blame. I just haven't done a good enough job getting rid of users that are destructive to the community. Today, I'm hoping to get back on the right track.

So, I'm introducing a new rule or protocol for dealing with users that just can't manage to post politely. It's a typical three strike rule. Essentially, a user that posts without manners will be banned for one week. A second offense and they will be banned for a month. A third offense and they will be banned permanently. Automatic bans will also be used for users that are obviously trying to cause problems for either the forum or a specific user.

We will give no special consideration for users with large post counts or specialized Ford Knowledge or anything else. It's a black and white deal.

Be nice or don't post.


I need help however... If someone posts something derogatory towards you, don't respond (if you further instigate the problem, you could be banned as well) - instead, use the report button. Help us weed out the people that are being so disruptive. We really need the help fellas...

Oh... and fellas... opinions are fine. However, if you can't post your opinion without bagging on someone else's you need to keep your opinion to yourself. Drama simply isn't welcomed here guys.... under ANY circumstance.


This is a fluid deal too. I'm working to clean the joint up and my strategies might fluctuate, but the general message will not.

Thanks fellas... and sorry for all the trouble,

Ryan Cochran*
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