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Default Re: Manners... A new rule...

Originally Posted by Ol' Ron View Post
Boy, I hope I'm not on that list?? I know I sometime get frustrated with some of the questions, but I try to help those that are not familiar with some part of the engine or suspension. My biggest concern is safty. These old cars are not safe in today traffic. As long as you know this, fine. But traveling 70 mph down the interstate with the original brakes can be dangerous. AS old as I am, I've seen too many nice cars damaged by this. I my self lost a nice 36 Ford because I was going too fast with the stock brakes. I learned a lesson there. Just remember an "Accident" is an unplanned event.
Ron, your a good guy! i am a Journeymen Electrician and i tell my Apprentices there job is to ask questions and ask why! sometimes i get short with them . but then i relies that they are learning and don't know what or how. we can and do learn from this site! thanks
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